Feed the Hungry Australia

Launch Date: July 2023

Feed the Hungry Australia had a solid online presence, but their site was starting to look dated and the large amount of content was not well structured or easy for visitors to locate. Ultimately ...

Custom Development, eCommerce, New Website, Online Donations, Web Design, Website Maintenance

Focus on the Family

Launch Date: May 2023

Focus on the Family Australia had an existing website, however it was visually outdated and their team struggled to manage their extensive library of content via the Drupal CMS it was built on. ...

eCommerce, New Website, Online Donations, Web Design

The Surfers Bible

Launch Date: November 2022

The Surfer’s Bible is both a printed New Testament in English and a growing digital library of video testimonials and online bible reading guides, aimed at helping surfers discover and understand God’s Word.

When Christian Surfers International tasked Dunham+Company with bringing The Surfers Bible Project to life, Dunham naturally turned to Spark to develop the online component of the project.

New Website, Online Donations, Web Design

My Prospectus

Launch Date: September 2022

imageseven had a vision to enable schools to easily provide a personalised digital prospectus to parents. Working with Elevate Creative, they tasked Spark with building the necessary architecture to turn that dream into reality.

Custom Development, New Website, Website Maintenance


Launch Date: August 2022

Following their 2021 rebrand, PeaceWise turned their focus to the PeaceWiseKids online platform, determining that it needed not only a complete visual refresh but also significant changes to the underlying systems to make it work better for teachers and students and to reduce the manual effort required by PeaceWise staff to onboard new customers and manage existing ones.

Custom Development, eCommerce, New Website, Website Maintenance


Launch Date: June 2022

We were privileged to be part of the rebrand of the Australian Christian Channel to GOOD. in the first part of 2022.

External Integrations, New Website, Website Maintenance

Watoto Donation Platform

Launch Date: May 2022

While Watoto International usually handles all online donations, their Australian arm wanted to be able to run their own custom fundraising campaigns. We set up a brand new site for them with online donation capabilities based largely on the design of the international site, turning the entire thing around in less than a week.

New Website, Online Donations

Prayer Wall

Launch Date: March 2022

Dunham wanted to be able to offer their clients a pluggable "prayer wall" - an online platform where people can request prayer and pray for one another. Knowing that we had built the Powerful Prayer platform to do exactly that for Christianityworks, they asked us if we could create a reusable plugin to provide the same base functionality.

Custom Development

Cambridge Park Anglican Church

Launch Date: December 2021

Prior to this redevelopment, Cambridge Park Anglican Church's website was an outdated, static site which had served them well for a number of years but was desperately in need of a refresh.

New Website, Web Design

Mr Drains Donation Page

Launch Date: October 2021

The Mr Drains Giving Back Fund was set up to help members of the local community who are in genuine need. In order to increase their capacity to help, they decided to start accepting online donations to the fund and asked Spark to set this up for them.

Online Donations


Launch Date: May 2021

In early 2021 PeaceWise went through the process of creating a new unified, brand, logo and graphical design for all PeaceWise products and services and therefore needed a fresh, integrated web presence.

eCommerce, External Integrations, New Website, Online Donations, Website Maintenance

dTracker Integration

Launch Date: September 2020

Pioneers had been manually entering donor and donation data into their dTracker CRM for a long time, and reached the point where they decided enough was enough. They tasked Spark with connecting their website directly to dTracker, with the goal being that all donor and gift data would be automatically entered into the CRM.

Custom Development, External Integrations