Website Security and Care Plan

At Spark Web Solutions we understand that keeping your site updated doesn’t always feel like a priority – and it can be difficult to keep on top of. Not only that but every time you install an update there is the risk that it’s going to conflict with something else on your site and bring the whole thing crashing down.

That’s where our Update Management service comes in. For just $74 per month we will spend up to half an hour keeping WordPress, plugins and third-party themes on one site up to date for you, and we’ll test all the changes on a development copy of your site to make sure everything is still working before pushing the changes to your live site. If an update does cause problems, we’ll investigate and resolve it for you as long as doing so will fit within the half hour. If it’s going to take longer than that we’ll get in touch and work through the options with you.

Update Management is automatically included for any clients on one of our Support Agreements – we’ll use half an hour of your agreement per month for each site keeping everything up to date (unless you ask us not to of course!). Clients with a Support Bundle balance can choose to use half an hour of their time each month for Update Management – just let us know.