About imageseven

imageseven helps independent school Heads lead their school brand with confidence. Many Heads tell us that they do not feel competent or confident with their communication and marketing responsibilities. Often, we are engaged when the success of their school’s mission is in jeopardy, their parent community is disengaged and confused, or they are not getting their fair share of enrolments. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to help Heads bring their vision to life, lead their school’s marketing with confidence and enjoy the success of strong enrolment demand.

About Elevate Creative

Creating brands, products and systems through design, innovation and authentic partnership with schools, for-purpose organisations and small businesses to facilitate meaningful experiences for their customers and communities.

imageseven had a vision to enable schools to easily provide a personalised digital prospectus to parents. Working with Elevate Creative, they tasked Spark with building the necessary architecture to turn that dream into reality.

Elevate designed the various interfaces in consultation with Spark, then we set about crafting the required solution.

The end result is a WordPress multisite where each school has their own “sub-site”. We put together a simple process to make it easy to roll out new sites with each school’s own logo and colour scheme.

Each site includes a form which asks parents for the necessary details, then dynamically generates a personalised prospectus based on the submitted data. Each prospectus is completely customised to the parent, including only the details relevant to their children’s ages and interests.

Custom merge fields and a unique section-based framework make it easy for imageseven to update and manage the content of the prospectus without having to resort to writing code.

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