About Feed The Hungry

Feed The Hungry exists so others may live a full life, free from hunger. Free from fearing their children may starve. Free in the knowledge their life matters, and that no matter what life may bring, we can all hope for a better tomorrow. Feed The Hungry exists so that others may live─ and live life to the full!

We follow Christ’s calling to fulfil the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in crisis. Through financial and prayer support like yours, we deliver food and supplies using a pastor-to-pastor, church-to-church strategy.

Feed the Hungry Australia had a solid online presence, but their site was starting to look dated and the large amount of content was not well structured or easy for visitors to locate. Ultimately the site didn’t reflect Feed The Hungry’s identity as an advocate for ending world hunger, and didn’t clearly communicate the work they have done in the past to inspire donors with confidence for the future.

Having been selected as the CMAA Sector Partner for 2023-2025, Feed The Hungry wanted to ensure their website was fresh, modern and user-friendly for the anticipated surge in visitors and donors, particularly for their inaugural national radio appeal day with CMAA in August 2023. They also wanted to expand the resources they provided to their visitors and supporters, including things like colouring sheets for children and rich media such as photos and videos, while ensuring that these resources can be easily accessed by those who are looking for them.

As a long-term client, Feed the Hungry naturally turned to Spark to bring their vision to life.

We began with the design process, working closely with Feed the Hungry to define a new, modern site design that better reflected their brand identity. We then set up the necessary architectures to enable them to properly organise their significant library of content, migrated the content from their old site and assisted them with restructuring it.

Their old site already had a basic dashboard configuration for radio announcers from smaller appeal days that Feed the Hungry had run in the past, so we brought across that functionality and made various improvements to both have it fit seamlessly into the new site and to help minimise the impact of the anticipated spike in traffic.

Before and after comparison of a website’s design

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