About PeaceWise

We are a Christian, cross-denominational, not for profit peacemaking ministry. We strive to build peacemakers for life.

We believe that biblical peacemaking is the most hope-filled, practical and profound approach to dealing with conflict available to people.

Equipping people to use these principles to have stronger, better relationships is at the heart of what PeaceWise is about. We seek to help not only individuals, but also for whole communities to take on the character of living healthily in relationship using these principles – to build true communities of peace.

PeaceWiseKids is a Christian program that equips young people to deal with challenging relationships and conflict in healthy, constructive & life-changing ways. PeaceWise have developed 7 different courses to cater to all children from their first year of school to Year 12 and beyond.

Following their 2021 rebrand, PeaceWise turned their focus to the PeaceWiseKids online platform, determining that it needed not only a complete visual refresh but also significant changes to the underlying systems to make it work better for teachers and students and to reduce the manual effort required by PeaceWise staff to onboard new customers and manage existing ones.

As with their overall rebrand they asked Cadence Media to design the new site, and then handed the mockups to Spark to turn it into reality.

The end result is a visually striking, user-friendly site, which extends LearnDash with custom licence and account-related functionality, and integrates closely with the WooCommerce store on the main PeaceWise site so that customers can purchase all of the resources they require (including online licences), set up their account, and get started with PeaceWiseKids in a matter of minutes.

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