About Dunham + Company

Dunham+Company is a global marketing and fundraising firm that specializes in helping Christian nonprofit ministries extend their cause by generating more resources to fulfill their mission. Our model is built on over 30 years of experience and expertise with skills that are tuned to specifically address the marketing and fundraising challenges nonprofit organizations face.

Dunham wanted to be able to offer their clients a pluggable “prayer wall” – an online platform where people can request prayer and pray for one another. Knowing that we had built the Powerful Prayer platform to do exactly that for Christianityworks, they asked us if we could create a reusable plugin to provide the same base functionality.

The end result is a simple but effective plugin which adds a prayer wall to any WordPress site, with various options to ensure that it matches the branding and styling of the rest of the site. The wall can be displayed on a stand-alone page generated by the plugin, or included within the content of any other page on the site.

Privacy was one of the foremost considerations, so those requesting prayer and leaving comments are only identified by a first initial and a self-defined location which can be as generic as desired.

Want to add a prayer wall to your website? Contact Dunham + Company’s Australian office for more information.

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