About Praxeis

Our movement began on the streets of Melbourne’s west as Dave and Colleen Lawton prayer walked the local suburbs and shopping centres.

As they pounded the pavement, God laid on their hearts the deep need for people to discover Jesus and the role that followers of Him need to play. This inspired a vision and sparked a search for innovative ways to make disciples. Soon a group of people began to gather to pray … and Praxeis was born.

Today Praxeis works across Australia and the world to join God on His disciple-making mission to all people.

Praxeis came to Spark at the start of an anticipated period of rapid growth. As such they needed a new website which would serve the diverse needs of individuals unfamiliar with Praxeis, new and existing supporters and Praxeis workers. They were also keen to have the website integrated with other systems such as their CRM (dTracker) and to explore ways to streamline their internal processes.

We started by talking with them to get a thorough understanding of how they wanted to present their website to the public. Based on those discussions we created a full design specification including a preliminary mockup of the home page.

Once the designs were approved, we set about building their new site. We set up architectures to make it easy for them to manage their content – events, resources, blog posts, and more. A conversion-focused donation process with support for various currencies was essential given Praxeis’ international reach, and integration with their CRM (dTracker) ensured that manual processing was minimised.

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