About Pioneers

Whatever God calls us to do in his worldwide mission, we are connectors. A person’s choice to follow Christ (or not) is a personal one, but before they can consider the claims of Jesus they need believers like you and me to share relevant information with them.

When we link unreached peoples with Jesus, we become conduits of blessing. We have experienced firsthand the difference Jesus makes in life, in family, in society and we can’t keep this news to ourselves. When we become Christians, nothing is ever the same again – we have new life, new hope, new priorities, new motives, new future, new everything! Unreached peoples are yet to experience this reality for themselves. This is what we communicate as we serve.

Pioneers stands ready to do everything we can to help you be the point of connection where Jesus and unreached peoples meet.

Pioneers had been manually entering donor and donation data into their dTracker CRM for a long time, and reached the point where they decided enough was enough.

They tasked Spark with connecting their website directly to dTracker, with the goal being that all donor and gift data would be automatically entered into the CRM but flagged for manual review so they could be sure everything lined up properly. We were able to set everything up exactly as they requested, including configuring recurring donations in dTracker for the CRM to manage.

Complicating things was the fact that donors indicate the target for their gift via a free text field, which then had to be mapped to the right recipient record in dTracker. Offering donors a pre-defined selection wasn’t an option due to security concerns (some of Pioneers missionaries operate in dangerous situations and can’t be publicly identified). To resolve this, we set up “fuzzy” matching logic to identify the most likely match and allocate the gift accordingly. This process accurately identifies the recipients for the majority of online gifts, with any others being identified through the manual review process.

The end result is a system that saves Pioneers countless hours of manual admin work, freeing them up to focus on more important things.

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